Welcome to the Thomas Kevin Dotts Memorial Website. Please take a look around at everything there is to offer all family and friends.

Here you will find a biography of Kevin's life, a page detailing his passions, poetry written by Kevin, slideshow pictures of him, a memorial music album dedicated to Kevin and a family and friends forum.

This website will naturally grow and/or evolve as more family and friends get involved. The biography page is a work in progress so please make sure you contribute anything you feel is appropriate. Also, I will gladly add any appropriate pictures you have to the slideshow.

I absolutely cannot believe I am working on a website like this for Kevin. This whole horrible experience seems so surreal. I never in a million years imagined that Kevin would be gone so soon. Please remember, this website is here to serve as a celebration of Kevin's life, please don't let it make you too sad.

I have put a lot of time and effort in to this website along with thousands of shed tears. I hope and pray that everyone is completely happy with what I have done to honor Kevin. Inevitably, I am 100% sure that not everyone will be 100% happy but please bear in mind that I have done my 100% best. I have spent many thousands of hours with Kevin and I feel I understand certain aspects of him better than any other person. Knowing Kevin like I do, I truly feel that what has been done by me on this website would have earned a "pat on the back and brotherly embrace" if he was only around to offer it.

In life and in death, I did not have a lot to offer Kevin or this world but I can always be counted on to make a "Kris" contribution. I respectfully and humbly offer this website to all family and friends as just that...nothing more...nothing less!