Kevin enjoyed numerous hobbies and interests but he demonstrated a true passion and love for certain ones. The passions below are listed in a basic order of importance according to how I feel they affected Kevin. If you feel something is missing or maybe just out of order, please discuss it with me.

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Religion & Politics:
These are just two of the many reasons why I felt really close to Kevin. On nearly every aspect of religion and politics, Kevin and I felt exactly the same. He shared my same passion, a passion so strong that we would sometimes get teary eyed just discussing some important issue. Kevin's faith in our God was very strong and his political views were on the F...A...R right. We often jokingly referred to ourselves as "Right Wing Radicals."

Music & Playing Guitar:
Kevin had a true passion for various music styles and absolutely loved listening to, enjoying and experiencing music. I remember those precious road trips with Kevin when we would have the windows rolled down and the music turned up. I have fond memories of Kevin setting around playing his guitar with family and friends. He had a real passion for guitars and music which showed every time he played or even just talked about them.

Computers & Technology:
I gave Kevin his first computer when he was about 36 years old and he was instantly hooked! That computer sparked a passion in Kevin and he was never the same again. Kevin loved to play all the popular games but his passion for computers went much further. The artistic side of Kevin meant he was always creating/editing a graphic design, creating/editing music or writing. Kevin loved researching, debating and participating in discussions on-line. He really enjoyed the more technical aspects of computers including, website design, programming, networking, upgrading, troubleshooting and repair. Kevin also loved 3D engine map design and editing. Kevin was a very intelligent person.

Art (Various Forms, Genres, Mediums & Styles):
Kevin was really artistic and loved to express himself through various means. From guitars and music to graphic design and drawing to poetry, painting and creating sculptures. I remember going to Kevin's house and seeing little metal and wood sculptures on his dresser, paintings and drawings around the house and graphic designs he had done on his computer. I also remember Kevin working on lyrics and guitar tablature for songs he had in his heart and on his mind. I recently discovered some of Kevin's poetry which can be seen on the Poetry page. Kevin was a very talented person.

Firearms & Self Defense:
Just like the rest of Kevin's politics, his views on Second Amendment rights were on the F...A...R right. He had a passion for anything and everything firearm related. Kevin and I went on dozens of day trips to various shooting ranges, gun shops and Gun & Knife Shows. When we rolled up at a shooting range, we must have looked like a small militia with all of our firearms. Kevin put a high emphasis on accuracy and really enjoyed target shooting with Sub-MOA results.

Exercise & Physical Fitness:
Kevin was always physically fit because he really enjoyed weight training, running, hiking, cycling, playing sports and just about any other physical activity. His favorite physical activity was definitely weight training. Kevin was always lifting weights, taking vitamins, taking bodybuilding supplements and drinking his custom GNC shakes to help build muscle mass. He was very educated in exercise and physical fitness and knew exactly how to properly and safely workout.

Outdoors, Nature & Travel:
Kevin really enjoyed most any outdoor and/or nature activity. He enjoyed traveling to parks, beaches, lakes, rivers and rural areas. Kevin absolutely loved weekend camping trips on the Strode Farm in Kentucky with family and friends. He would shoot skeet, target shoot, fish, hike and go for boat rides. I remember sitting around the campfire with Kevin, roasting marshmallows and talking late in to the night. Good-times with good family and friends, Kevin absolutely loved it and always enjoyed himself!

I sometimes teased Kevin because he always had a house full of animals, it was like going to a zoo. Kevin loved animals and it really showed. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, hamsters and a ferret. Need I say more? It was like Wild Kingdom! Oh, me...Kevin was truly a wonderful person.